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Total Depreciation and Amortization (D&A)

Total Depreciation and Amortization (D&A) is a financial metric that represents the total amount of depreciation and amortization expenses incurred by a company over a given period. Depreciation expenses refer to the reduction in the value of tangible assets over time due to wear and tear, while amortization expenses relate to the expensing of intangible assets, such as patents or trademarks.

D&A is an important metric for investors because it reduces the reported profits of a company in the income statement. However, it is expected that tangible and intangible assets will eventually wear out, and therefore, the D&A expense should be factored in when evaluating a company's profitability and cash flow.

Additional Details

Metric Name Type Default Period Type
depreciation_and_amortization fin_metric FY

Formatting Details

Data Format Display Format Unit
float financial usd