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Metrics and Indicators

i8 Terminal uses more than 500 built-in financial metrics and indicators that are used in several commands and can be used to implement custom analysis.

Name Display Name Type
52_week_high 52 Week High technical
high_1m High (1M) technical
beta_1y_1m Beta (1Y-1M) technical
beta_1y Beta (1Y) technical
beta_1w_1w Beta (1W-1W) technical
beta_1w_1m Beta (1W-1M) technical
beta_1w Beta (1W) technical
beta_1m_1w Beta (1M-1W) technical
beta_1m_1m Beta (1M-1M) technical
beta_1m Beta (1M) technical
gamma_2y Gamma (2Y) technical
gamma_2w Gamma (2W) technical
52_week_low 52 Week Low technical
gamma_1y Gamma (1Y) technical
low_1m Low (1M) technical
low_1w Low (1W) technical
low_1y Low (1Y) technical
low_5y Low (5Y) technical
low_6m Low (6M) technical
gamma_1w Gamma (1W) technical
gamma_1m Gamma (1M) technical
beta_1y_1w Beta (1Y-1W) technical
beta_2w Beta (2W) technical
beta_2w_1m Beta (2W-1M) technical
beta_6m Beta (6M) technical
high_1y High (1Y) technical
high_5y High (5Y) technical
high_6m High (6M) technical
gamma_6m Gamma (6M) technical
gamma_5y Gamma (5Y) technical
gamma_3m Gamma (3M) technical
beta_6m_1w Beta (6M-1W) technical
beta_6m_1m Beta (6M-1M) technical
beta_5y_1w Beta (5Y-1W) technical
beta_2w_1w Beta (2W-1W) technical
beta_5y_1m Beta (5Y-1M) technical
beta_5y Beta (5Y) technical
beta_3m_1w Beta (3M-1W) technical
beta_3m_1m Beta (3M-1M) technical
beta_3m Beta (3M) technical
beta_2y_1w Beta (2Y-1W) technical
beta_2y_1m Beta (2Y-1M) technical
beta_2y Beta (2Y) technical
alpha_6m_1w Alpha (6M-1W) technical
alpha_6m_1m Alpha (6M-1M) technical
alpha_6m Alpha (6M) technical
ema52 Exponential Moving Average (52D) technical
ma12 Moving Average (12D) technical
ma26 Moving Average (26D) technical
ma52 Moving Average (52D) technical
ma5 Moving Average (5D) technical
macd Moving Average Convergence Divergence technical
ema5 Exponential Moving Average (5D) technical
adjlow Adjusted Low technical
adjhigh Adjusted High technical
ema26 Exponential Moving Average (26D) technical
alpha_1m_1m Alpha (1M-1M) technical
ema12 Exponential Moving Average (12D) technical
pe_ratio_fy P/E Ratio (FY) technical
pe_ratio_ttm P/E Ratio (TTM) technical
rhml Relative High Minus Low technical
rsi_14d Relative Strength Index (14D) technical
rsi_1m Relative Strength Index (1M) technical
rsi_3m Relative Strength Index (3M) technical
rsi_7d Relative Strength Index (7D) technical
alpha_5y_1w Alpha (5Y-1W) technical
alpha_1m Alpha (1M) technical
alpha_1m_1w Alpha (1M-1W) technical
alpha_2w_1w Alpha (2W-1W) technical
alpha_5y_1m Alpha (5Y-1M) technical
alpha_5y Alpha (5Y) technical
alpha_3m_1w Alpha (3M-1W) technical
alpha_3m_1m Alpha (3M-1M) technical
alpha_3m Alpha (3M) technical
alpha_2y_1w Alpha (2Y-1W) technical
alpha_2y_1m Alpha (2Y-1M) technical
alpha_1w Alpha (1W) technical
alpha_2y Alpha (2Y) technical
alpha_2w_1m Alpha (2W-1M) technical
alpha_2w Alpha (2W) technical
alpha_1y_1w Alpha (1Y-1W) technical
alpha_1y_1m Alpha (1Y-1M) technical
alpha_1y Alpha (1Y) technical
alpha_1w_1w Alpha (1W-1W) technical
alpha_1w_1m Alpha (1W-1M) technical
high_1w High (1W) technical
ceo Ceo summary
exchange_symbol Exchange Symbol summary
company_name Company Name summary
company_url Company Url summary
long_description Long Description summary
business_phone_no Business Phone Number summary
market_sector Market Sector summary
sector Sector summary
security_class Security Class summary
security_type Security Type summary
short_description Short Description summary
stock_exchange Stock Exchange summary
business_address Business Address summary
ticker_slug Ticker Slug summary
is_etf ETF summary
legal_name Legal Name summary
is_active Is Active summary
industry_group Industry Group summary
employees Employees summary
low Low Price price
open Open Price price
exchange_volume Exchange Volume price
price Latest Price price
high High Price price
volume Volume price
close Close Price price
return_2y Return (2Y) performance
return_ytd Return (Ytd) performance
return_1w Return (1W) performance
return_1y Return (1Y) performance
return_2w Return (2W) performance
return_3m Return (3M) performance
return_5y Return (5Y) performance
return_6m Return (6M) performance
return_1m Return (1M) performance
change Change performance
change_abs Change (Absolute) performance
total_current_liabilities Total Current Liabilities fin_statement
short_term_debt Short-Term Debt fin_statement
net_inventory Inventories, net fin_statement
interest_bearing_deposits_at_other_banks Interest Bearing Deposits at Other Banks fin_statement
interest_bearing_deposits Interest Bearing Deposits fin_statement
total_current_assets Total Current Assets fin_statement
current_deferred_tax_liabilities Current Deferred & Payable Income Tax Liabilities fin_statement
total_equity_and_non_controlling_interests Total Equity & Noncontrolling Interests fin_statement
issuance_of_common_equity Issuance of Common Equity fin_statement
issuance_of_debt Issuance of Debt fin_statement
latest_financials_end_date_fy Latest End Date (FY) fin_statement
latest_financials_end_date_q Latest End Date (Q) fin_statement
latest_financial_year Latest Period (FY) fin_statement
latest_financial_quarter Latest Period (Q) fin_statement
intangible_assets Intangible Assets fin_statement
other_current_non_operating_liabilities Other Current Nonoperating Liabilities fin_statement
other_assets Other Assets fin_statement
other_current_assets Other Current Assets fin_statement
other_current_liabilities Other Current Liabilities fin_statement
capital_lease_obligations Capital Lease Obligations fin_statement
other_current_non_operating-assets Other Current Nonoperating Assets fin_statement
cash_and_equivalents Cash & Equivalents fin_statement
bankers_acceptances Bankers Acceptance Outstanding fin_statement
other_equity Other Equity Adjustments fin_statement
goodwill Goodwill fin_statement
cash_income_taxes_paid Cash Income Taxes Paid fin_statement
cash_interest_paid Cash Interest Paid fin_statement
other_financing_activities_net Other Financing Activities, net fin_statement
future_policy_benefits Future Policy Benefits fin_statement
note_receivable Note & Lease Receivable fin_statement
long_term_debt Long-Term Debt fin_statement
loans_held_for_sale Loans Held for Sale fin_statement
total_assets Total Assets fin_statement
net_change_in_cash Net Change in Cash & Equivalents fin_statement
net_cash_from_operating_activities Net Cash From Operating Activities fin_statement
net_cash_from_investing_activities Net Cash From Investing Activities fin_statement
net_cash_from_financing_activities Net Cash From Financing Activities fin_statement
unearned_premiums_debit Unearned Premiums Debit fin_statement
time_deposits_placed Time Deposits Placed and Other Short-Term Investments fin_statement
net_cash_from_continuing_operating_activities Net Cash From Continuing Operating Activities fin_statement
net_cash_from_continuing_investing_activities Net Cash From Continuing Investing Activities fin_statement
net_cash_from_continuing_financing_activities Net Cash From Continuing Financing Activities fin_statement
unearned_premiums_credit Unearned Premiums Credit fin_statement
allowance_for_loan_and_lease_losses Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses fin_statement
mortgage_servicing_rights Mortgage Servicing Rights fin_statement
short_term_investments Short-Term Investments fin_statement
current_deferred_tax_assets Current Deferred & Refundable Income Taxes fin_statement
non_cash_adjustments_to_net_income Non-Cash Adjustments To Reconcile Net Income fin_statement
loans_and_leases Loans and Leases fin_statement
non_interest_bearing_deposits Non-Interest Bearing Deposits fin_statement
treasury_stock Treasury Stock fin_statement
trading_accounts_ecurities Trading Account Securities fin_statement
asset_retirement_and_litigation_obligation Asset Retirement Reserve & Litigation Obligation fin_statement
non_controlling_interests Noncontrolling Interest fin_statement
longterm_investments Long-Term Investments fin_statement
non_current_deferred_tax_liabilities Noncurrent Deferred & Payable Income Tax Liabilities fin_statement
non_current_deferred_tax_assets Noncurrent Deferred & Refundable Income Taxes fin_statement
non_current_deferred_revenue Noncurrent Deferred Revenue fin_statement
non_current_employee_benefit_liabilities Noncurrent Employee Benefit Liabilities fin_statement
other_long_term_liabilities Other Long-Term Liabilities fin_statement
non_current_note_receivables Noncurrent Note & Lease Receivables fin_statement
net_loans_and_leases Loans and Leases, Net of Allowance fin_statement
total_common_equity Total Common Equity fin_statement
other_investing_activities_net Other Investing Activities, net fin_statement
total_equity Total Preferred & Common Equity fin_statement
separate_account_business_liabilities Separate Account Business Liabilities fin_statement
deferred_acquisition_cost Deferred Acquisition Cost fin_statement
total_non_current_assets Total Noncurrent Assets fin_statement
accrued_investment_income Accrued Investment Income fin_statement
accrued_interest_payable Accrued Interest Payable fin_statement
customer_deposits Customer Deposits fin_statement
participating_policy_holder_equity Participating Policy Holder Equity fin_statement
customer_and_other_receivables Customer and Other Receivables fin_statement
ab Accounts Receivable fin_statement
payment_of_dividends Payment of Dividends fin_statement
gross_ppe Plant, Property & Equipment, gross fin_statement
employee_benefit_assets Employee Benefit Assets fin_statement
accumulated_depreciation Accumulated Depreciation fin_statement
net_ppe Plant, Property, & Equipment, net fin_statement
policy_holder_funds Policy Holder Funds fin_statement
repayment_of_debt Repayment of Debt fin_statement
total_preferredequity Preferred Stock fin_statement
net_premises_and_equipment Premises and Equipment, Net fin_statement
prepaid_expenses Prepaid Expenses fin_statement
retained_earnings Retained Earnings fin_statement
purchase_of_plant_property_and_equipment Purchase of Property, Plant & Equipment fin_statement
total_non_current_liabilities Total Noncurrent Liabilities fin_statement
redeemable_non_controlling_interest Redeemable Noncontrolling Interest fin_statement
other_taxes_payable Other Taxes Payable fin_statement
accounts_payable Accounts Payable fin_statement
claims_and_claim_expenses Claims and Claim Expense fin_statement
separate_account_business_assets Separate Account Business Assets fin_statement
dividends_payable Dividends Payable fin_statement
other_non_current_non_operating_assets Other Noncurrent Nonoperating Assets fin_statement
other_non_current_non_operating_liabilities Other Noncurrent Nonoperating Liabilities fin_statement
accrued_expenses Accrued Expenses fin_statement
fed_funds_sold Federal Funds Sold fin_statement
total_liabilities Total Liabilities fin_statement
fed_funds_purchased Federal Funds Purchased and Securities Sold fin_statement
current_deferred_revenue Current Deferred Revenue fin_statement
current_employee_benefit_liabilities Current Employee Benefit Liabilities fin_statement
increase_decrease_in_operating_capital Changes in Operating Assets and Liabilities, net fin_statement
commitments_and_contingencies Commitments & Contingencies fin_statement
total_liabilities_and_equity Total Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity fin_statement
other_non_current_assets Other Noncurrent Operating Assets fin_statement
common_equity Common Stock fin_statement
other_non_current_liabilities Other Noncurrent Operating Liabilities fin_statement
acquisitions Acquisitions fin_statement
aoci Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income fin_statement
other_short_term_payables Other Short-Term Payables fin_statement
restricted_cash Restricted Cash fin_statement
st_debt_to_cap Short-Term Debt to Total Capital fin_metric
nopat Net Operating Profit after Tax (NOPAT) fin_metric
nwc Net Working Capital (NWC) fin_metric
nwc_to_rev Net Working Capital to Revenue fin_metric
revenue_growth Revenue Growth fin_metric
roa Return on Assets (ROA) fin_metric
net_nonop_obligations Net Nonoperating Obligations (NNO) fin_metric
nnep Net Nonoperating Expense Percent (NNEP) fin_metric
net_non_opex Net Nonoperating Expense (NNE) fin_metric
net_interest_income Net Interest Income fin_metric
net_income_qoq_growth Net Income Q/Q Growth fin_metric
net_income_growth Net Income Growth fin_metric
net_income_discontinued Net Income Discontinued Operations fin_metric
roce Return on Common Equity (ROCE) fin_metric
net_income_to_noncontrolling_interest Net Income Attributable to Non-controlling Interest fin_metric
roe Return on Equity (ROE) fin_metric
roe_simple Return on Equity Simple (ROE_SIMPLE) fin_metric
net_income_to_common Net Income Attributable to Common Shareholders fin_metric
net_income Net Income fin_metric
ap_turnover Accounts Payable Turnover fin_metric
price_to_earnings Price to Earnings (P/E) fin_metric
ar_turnover Accounts Receivable Turnover fin_metric
nonoperating_income Non-operating Income fin_metric
total_other_income Other Income fin_metric
other_gains Other Gains fin_metric
net_debt_to_nopat Net Debt to NOPAT fin_metric
operating_revenue Operating Revenue fin_metric
oroa Operating Return on Assets (OROA) fin_metric
operating_margin Operating Margin fin_metric
net_income_continuing Operating Income fin_metric
opex_to_revenue Operating Expenses to Revenue fin_metric
ocf_to_interest_ex Operating Cash Flow to Interest Expense fin_metric
ocf_to_capex Operating Cash Flow to CapEx fin_metric
ocf_qoq_growth Operating Cash Flow Q/Q Growth fin_metric
ocf_less_capex_to_interest_ex Operating Cash Flow Less CapEx to Interest Expense fin_metric
ocf_growth Operating Cash Flow Growth fin_metric
pre_tax_income_margin Pre Tax Income Margin fin_metric
preferred_to_cap Preferred Equity to Total Capital fin_metric
normalized_nopat Normalized Net Operating Profit after Tax (NOPAT) fin_metric
price_to_book Price to Book Value (P/BV) fin_metric
normalized_nopat_margin Normalized NOPAT Margin fin_metric
other_income Other Income fin_metric
price_to_revenue Price to Revenue (P/Rev) fin_metric
price_to_tangible_book Price to Tangible Book Value (P/TBV) fin_metric
profit_margin Profit (Net Income) Margin fin_metric
sga_ex_to_revenue SG&A Expenses to Revenue fin_metric
revenue_qoq_growth Revenue Q/Q Growth fin_metric
quick_ratio Quick Ratio fin_metric
rd_ex_to_revenue R&D to Revenue fin_metric
non_control_int_to_cap Noncontrolling Interests to Total Capital fin_metric
roic_nnep_spread ROIC Less NNEP Spread (ROIC-NNEP) fin_metric
non_controlling_interest_sharing_ratio Noncontrolling Interest Sharing Ratio fin_metric
extraordinary_income Net Extraordinary Income fin_metric
roic Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) fin_metric
net_debt_to_ebitda Net Debt to EBITDA fin_metric
ev_to_ebitda Enterprise Value to EBITDA (EV/EBITDA) fin_metric
eps_qoq_growth EPS Q/Q Growth fin_metric
cost_of_rev_to_revenue Cost of Revenue to Revenue fin_metric
earnings_yield Earnings Yield fin_metric
ebit Earnings before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) fin_metric
ebitda Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) fin_metric
lt_debt_and_capleases Total Long-Term Debt fin_metric
eff_tax_rate Effective Tax Rate fin_metric
compound_leverage_factor Compound Leverage Factor fin_metric
enter_prise_value Enterprise Value (EV) fin_metric
ev_to_ebit Enterprise Value to EBIT (EV/EBIT) fin_metric
ev_to_fcff Enterprise Value to Free Cash Flow (EV/FCFF) fin_metric
ebitda_qoq_growth EBITDA Q/Q Growth fin_metric
ev_to_invested_capital Enterprise Value to Invested Capital (EV/IC) fin_metric
ev_to_nopat Enterprise Value to NOPAT (EV/NOPAT) fin_metric
ev_to_ocf Enterprise Value to Operating Cash Flow (EV/OCF) fin_metric
ev_to_revenue Enterprise Value to Revenue (EV/Rev) fin_metric
net_debt Net Debt fin_metric
fin_leverage Financial Leverage fin_metric
fa_turnover Fixed Asset Turnover fin_metric
fcff_growth Free Cash Flow Firm Growth fin_metric
fcff_qoq_growth Free Cash Flow Firm Q/Q Growth fin_metric
free_cash_flow Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) fin_metric
eps_growth EPS Growth fin_metric
ebitda_margin EBITDA Margin fin_metric
invested_capital_increase_decrease Change in Invested Capital fin_metric
df_cf_nwc Debt-free, Cash-free Net Working Capital (DFCFNWC) fin_metric
current_ratio Current Ratio fin_metric
dio Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) fin_metric
dpo Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) fin_metric
dso Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) fin_metric
debt_to_ebitda Debt to EBITDA fin_metric
debt_to_equity Debt to Equity fin_metric
debt_to_nopat Debt to NOPAT fin_metric
debt_to_total_capital Debt to Total Capital fin_metric
df_nwc Debt-free Net Working Capital (DFNWC) fin_metric
df_nwc_to_rev Debt-free Net Working Capital to Revenue fin_metric
dfcfnwc_to_rev Debt-free, Cash-free Net Working Capital to Revenue fin_metric
ebitda_growth EBITDA Growth fin_metric
diluted_eps Diluted Earnings per Share fin_metric
div_payout_ratio Dividend Payout Ratio fin_metric
dividend_yield Dividend Yield fin_metric
dividendyield_fy Dividend yield (FY) fin_metric
dividendyield_ttm Dividend yield (TTM) fin_metric
ebit_growth EBIT Growth fin_metric
ebit_less_capex_to_interest_ex EBIT Less CapEx to Interest Expense fin_metric
ebit_margin EBIT Margin fin_metric
ebit_qoq_growth EBIT Q/Q Growth fin_metric
ebit_to_interest_ex EBIT to Interest Expense fin_metric
fcff_to_interest_ex Free Cash Flow to Firm to Interest Expense fin_metric
common_to_cap Common Equity to Total Capital fin_metric
croic Cash Return on Invested Capital (CROIC) fin_metric
altman_zscore Altman Z-Score fin_metric
invested_capital Invested Capital fin_metric
invested_capital_growth Invested Capital Growth fin_metric
invested_capital_turnover Invested Capital Turnover fin_metric
basic_eps Basic Earnings per Share fin_metric
other_adjustments_to_consolidated_net_income Adjustments to Consolidated Net Income fin_metric
leverage_ratio Leverage Ratio fin_metric
marketcap Market Capitalization fin_metric
interest_burden_pct Interest Burden Percent fin_metric
asset_turnover Asset Turnover fin_metric
total_capital Total Capital fin_metric
augmented_payout_ratio Augmented Payout Ratio fin_metric
lt_debt_to_ebitda Long-Term Debt to EBITDA fin_metric
lt_debt_to_equity Long-Term Debt to Equity fin_metric
lt_debt_to_nopat Long-Term Debt to NOPAT fin_metric
inv_turnover Inventory Turnover fin_metric
invested_capital_qoq_growth Invested Capital Q/Q Growth fin_metric
debt Total Debt fin_metric
depreciation_and_amortization Total Depreciation and Amortization (D&A) fin_metric
tang_book_value_per_share Tangible Book Value per Share fin_metric
tax_burden_pct Tax Burden Percent fin_metric
gross_margin Gross Margin fin_metric
ccc Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) fin_metric
total_revenue Total Revenue fin_metric
capex Capital Expenditures (CapEx) fin_metric
rnnoa Return on Net Nonoperating Assets (RNNOA) fin_metric
nopat_to_interest_ex NOPAT to Interest Expense fin_metric
nopat_qoq_growth NOPAT Q/Q Growth fin_metric
lt_debt_to_cap Long-Term Debt to Total Capital fin_metric
nopat_margin NOPAT Margin fin_metric
nopat_less_capex_to_int_ex NOPAT Less CapEx to Interest Expense fin_metric
nopat_growth NOPAT Growth fin_metric
other_adjustments_to_net_income_to_common Adjustment to Net Income Attributable to Common Shareholders fin_metric
book_value_per_share Book Value per Share fin_metric
revenue_consensus Revenue Consensus earnings
revenue_beat_rate Revenue Beat Rate earnings
revenue_actual Revenue Actual earnings
earnings_next_intra_return_max Max Earnings Return (Next Intra) earnings
earnings_next_close_return_max Max Earnings Return (Next Close) earnings
earnings_next_close_return_min Min Earnings Return (Next Close) earnings
earnings_next_open_return_min Min Earnings Return (Next Open) earnings
earnings_next_close_return_avg Avg Earnings Return (Next Close) earnings
earnings_next_open_return_max Max Earnings Return (Next Open) earnings
eps_actual EPS Actual earnings
revenue_surprise Revenue Surprise earnings
earning_call_time Earning Call Time earnings
eps_surprise Eps Surprise earnings
eps_beat_rate Eps Beat Rate earnings
earning_date Earning Date earnings
earnings_next_intra_return_min Min Earnings Return (Next Intra) earnings
eps_consensus EPS Consensus earnings
earnings_next_intra_return_avg Avg Earnings Return (Next Intra) earnings
earnings_next_open_return_avg Avg Earnings Return (Next Open) earnings
total_noninterest_expense Total Non-Interest Expense
weighted_ave_basic_shares_os Weighted Average Basic Shares Outstanding
total_operating_income Total Operating Income
service_charges_on_deposits_income Service Charges on Deposit Accounts
total_interest_expense Total Interest Expense
short_term_borrowing_interest_expense Short-Term Borrowings Interest Expense
total_pre_tax_income Total Pre-Tax Income
sga_expense Selling, General & Admin Expense
total_gross_profit Total Gross Profit
trust_fee_income Trust Fees by Commissions
total_cost_of_revenue Total Cost of Revenue
weighted_ave_basic_diluted_shares_os Weighted Average Basic & Diluted Shares Outstanding
salaries_and_employee_benefits_expense Salaries and Employee Benefits
total_operating_expenses Total Operating Expenses
sale_of_plant_property_and_equipment Sale of Property, Leasehold Improvements and Equipment
total_noninterest_income Total Non-Interest Income
sale_of_investments Sale and/or Maturity of Investments
trading_account_interest_income Trading Account Interest Income
loans_held_for_sale_net Loans Held for Sale, Net
restructuring_charge Restructuring Charge
rd_expense Research & Development Expense
investment_banking_income Investment Banking Income
total_interest_income Interest & Investment Income
policy_acquisition_costs Insurance Policy Acquisition Costs
income_tax_expense Income Tax Expense
impairment_expense Impairment Charge
fed_funds_and_repo_interest_income Federal Funds Sold and Securities Borrowed Interest Income
fed_funds_and_repo_interest_expense Federal Funds Purchased and Securities Sold Interest Expense
exploration_expense Exploration Expense
effect_of_exchange_rate_changes Effect of Exchange Rate Changes
divestitures Divestitures
depreciation_expense Depreciation Expense
deposits_interest_income Deposits and Money Market Investments Interest Income
deposits_interest_expense Deposits Interest Expense
depletion_expense Depletion Expense
current_and_future_benefits Current and Future Benefits
cash_interest_received Cash Interest Received
cash_dividends_per_share Cash Dividends to Common per Share
capitalized_lease_obligation_interest_expense Capitalized Lease Obligations Interest Expense
basic_diluted_eps Basic & Diluted Earnings per Share
amortization_of_deferred_policy_acquisition_costs Amortization of Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs
amortization_expense Amortization Expense
adj_weighted_ave_diluted_shares_os Adjusted Weighted Average Diluted Shares Outstanding
adj_weighted_ave_basic_shares_os Adjusted Weighted Average Basic Shares Outstanding
adj_weighted_ave_basic_diluted_shares_os Adjusted Weighted Average Basic & Diluted Shares Outstanding
adj_diluted_eps Adjusted Diluted Earnings per Share
adj_basic_eps Adjusted Basic Earnings per Share
adj_basic_diluted_eps Adjusted Basic & Diluted Earnings per Share
investment_securities_interest_income Investment Securities Interest Income
issuance_of_preferred_equity Issuance of Preferred Equity
loans_and_lease_interest_income Loans and Leases Interest Income
other_noninterest_income Other Non-Interest Income
repurchase_of_preferred_equity Repurchase of Preferred Equity
repurchase_of_common_equity Repurchase of Common Equity
purchase_of_investments Purchase of Investment Securities
provision_for_credit_losses Provision for Credit Losses
provision_for_loan_losses Provision For Loan Losses
property_liability_insurance_claims Property & Liability Insurance Claims
premium_searned Premiums Earned
preferred_dividends Preferred Stock Dividends Declared
other_special_charges Other Special Charges
other_service_charge_income Other Service Charges
other_revenue Other Revenue
other_operating_expenses Other Operating Expenses
other_net_changes_in_cash Other Net Changes in Cash
long_term_debt_interest_expense Long-Term Debt Interest Expense
other_interes_tincome Other Interest Income
other_interest_expense Other Interest Expense
other_cost_of_revenue Other Cost of Revenue
operating_cost_of_revenue Operating Cost of Revenue
net_realized_capital_gains Net Realized & Unrealized Capital Gains on Investments
net_occupancy_equipment_expense Net Occupancy & Equipment Expense
net_increase_in_fed_funds_sold Net Increase in Fed Funds Sold
net_change_in_deposits Net Change in Deposits
net_cash_from_discontinued_operating_activities Net Cash From Discontinued Operating Activities
net_cash_from_discontinued_investing_activities Net Cash From Discontinued Investing Activities
net_cash_from_discontinued_financing_activities Net Cash From Discontinued Financing Activities
marketing_expense Marketing Expense
weighted_ave_diluted_shares_os Weighted Average Diluted Shares Outstanding