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Participating Policy Holder Equity

Participating Policy Holder Equity (PPHE) is a financial metric used in the insurance industry. It is a measure that shows the policyholder's interest in an insurance company's earnings.

PPHE refers to the equity held by policyholders in participating policies. Participating policies are policies that allow policyholders to participate in the profits of an insurance company. The PPHE represents the value of the insurance company that is attributable to the participating policyholders.

In simple terms, PPHE is the amount of capital that is available to an insurance company for distribution to policyholders based on their policy's participation in the company's profits. It is an important metric for assessing the financial strength and stability of an insurance company.

Additional Details

Metric Name Type Default Period Type
participating_policy_holder_equity fin_statement FY

Formatting Details

Data Format Display Format Unit
float financial usd