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Return on Equity Simple (ROE_SIMPLE)

Return on equity simple (ROE_SIMPLE) is a financial metric that represents the amount of net income earned by a company as a percentage of the equity held by its shareholders.

The formula for calculating ROE_SIMPLE is:

ROE_SIMPLE = Net Income / Average Shareholder's Equity

This metric provides investors with an understanding of how effectively a company is using shareholder's equity to generate profits. It examines the profitability of a company in relation to the equity used to generate that profit. A higher ROE_SIMPLE indicates that the company is generating more profits per dollar of shareholder equity invested. On the other hand, a lower ROE_SIMPLE could indicate that the company is not effectively using its shareholder's equity.

Additional Details

Metric Name Type Default Period Type
roe_simple fin_metric FY

Formatting Details

Data Format Display Format Unit
float perc percentage